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When Lily learns the prophecy, she search all magics and things that could save and protect her baby. One of this things is a summoning ritual that calls a spirit who becomes the guardian of someone. Doing the Ritual, Lily manages to summon a ancient spirit from another world who accepts to be the guardian for her son, first because she reminds him of one of his hosts and second just by sheer boredom. Now Harry Potter is a new Jinchuuriki of Kurama, the Kyuubi no kitsune but what Lily didn't know was that Kurama, in addition to be a prankster and a mass of illimited energy and sometimes of masse destructionwas also quite perverted and liked sex, especially since his last host was a stamina freak and had quite the harem of willing and demanding mates.

So if he will indeed, ensure the protection, health care, education and power of his new host he will also ensure that Harry will have his own harem, his circle of willing but occasional sexual partners and if possible a good position of power and of authorities in this world. Kurama doesn't like to share a host so the horcrux is promptly destroyed eaten? At least one muggle girl and a witch must become totally addicted slow progress to harry and become willing sex slaves don't do to much girls in this case since they don't count in the harem.

You can do as much as occasional partner as you wish but it must be clear that it is occasional so they can have other boyfriend or husband. Kurama influences a maximum Harry so he has sex regularly, he boosts his libido and his stamina, he teaches him to recognise the period of female's heat but immunise him toward magic like Velane's allure and offer him a way to release pheromones to attract female but also to augment their libido.

Harry begins to have sex at Ten year with some girls of the neighbourhood, Harry has not sex with someone of more than ten years his senior. Finally, there must be a plot with the porn, canon plot is good but change must be present and with logic.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Harry Potter Search In. Recommended Posts. Guest Draynuy. Report post. Posted January 2, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.The night was bright and clear, the full moon bathing the Earth in its radiance. It was nearing midnight and not a sound could be heard but for the gentle whispering of the breeze, and the few nocturnal animals moving about in the area.

A young girl of fifteen sat on her windowsill looking at the moon. Her pale, white skin was glowing in the moonlight, framed by her raven hair that fell in to just below her shoulders in soft locks. Her Avada kadavra colored green eyes were staring longingly at the moon, reflecting the sadness in her heart. This young ladies name was Natasha Liliana Potter, and she was about to turn sixteen, not that she cared she was still mourning the death of her godfather.

fem harry potter kitsune inheritance fanfiction

Though her mourning wasn't as bad as the Order would like to believe, she knew Sirius would not want her to mourn him long, he'd scold her for it and tell her to go out and live life to its fullest. She smiled bitterly at the thought, as if that could happen with Dumbledore trying to control her life all the time.

Yeah she knew all about the manipulations alright, it was kind of obvious to someone as smart as Natasha even though she hid her intelligence. She'd allowed them so far, but Sirius's death had been the last straw; she wasn't going to sit back and let him control her life anymore. Hedwig hooted softly in concern and flew to land on her mistress's shoulder, and nipped on her ear affectionately.

Natasha smiled softly and ran her fingers through her feathers gently. She looked over at the clock on her bedside table, it read One more minute and she could legally leave her god forsaken relatives who had once again decided to ignore her very presence. She counted down the seconds to her freedom. Suddenly, without warning, a searing pain shot through her body, quickly building in intensity.

She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming, but she was fighting a losing battle. Then as soon as it had started, it stopped, and she was left panting for breath in the middle of the night. Thinking it was over, she shakily got to her feet only to collapse on the floor as another wave of pain hit her, this one centered around her lower back, ears, eyes, mouth and hands. The pain was so great that she passed out before a scream could tear through her lips.Disclaimer: I don't own anything that is Harry Potter related except for this plot.

I woke up in a cold sweat. It was the night of my 14th birthday, and I was still stuck at the Dursley's. I've always wondered why I had to stay here with people who hated me so much that I was their maid and favorite punching bag rolled into one.

I glanced at the clock and saw it turn from to Suddenly, I was engulfed in pain beyond my imagination. It felt as if all of my bones were shifting and changing. I found myself wishing for anything that could end this pain. It felt as if it was going on for days, but when it ended, i saw that it was only going on for a few hours.

fem harry potter kitsune inheritance fanfiction

I experimentally moved on my bed and only felt a slight stiffness in my limbs. I got out of bed and looked into the mirror.

What i saw shocked me. I had gone from being a 5'2" girl with untamable black hair to looking like a supermodel. I was now around 5'8" with long, blonde ringlets that reached my waist. All of the years of malnourishment from the Dursleys had been erased, and I now had an hourglass body that any girl would die for.

Any scar that I had was erased except for the lightning bolt scar on my forehead. The only thing that remained the same was brilliant emerald eyes that I inherited from my mother. As I was looking at the new me in the mirror, an owl with a letter from Gringotts appeared. I quickly took the letter from the owl and looked at what it said. We at Gringotts would like to congulate you for gaining your magical creature inheritance.

At your earliest conveniance we would like to set up a meeting with you about the rest of the inheritance left by the late Lord James C. Potter and Lady Lily R. Please send a letter with the appointment time. This only shocked me more. I wrote a reply stating that I could be at a meeting at PM today. I looked at the clock and saw it was and decided to go ahead and get ready. I hoped that the meeting would be as shocking as my transformation, but somehow I sincerely doubted that.

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Over Protective Mates. Downstairs, the Dursleys began their talk on which way it would be best to kill Harry. The atmosphere in the room quickly changed from one of relaxation and happiness to that of worry and tension.

As Harry slowly looked around he noticed that the room looked different and new smells was around and he felt a strange warmth growing within him but none of that mattered, he was too tired to care. With one last yawn, Harry fell asleep. Soon they were gone, to find their mate by using a special portkey that would take them straight to him. To be continued!

fem harry potter kitsune inheritance fanfiction

First thing! Oh and thanks a lot Dreams of Stories for helping me with the planning and chapter outlines of this fic! You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story. Report Story.Hey everyone, York Lane, here's a fic I've wanted to do for a long while, it took me a bit to get the resolve and confidence to do this fic and it took a bit to decide which species… that statement will become clear later, but here it is, first chapter I hope you enjoy.

I'm sorry this is probably going to be a generic Wrong-Child-Who-Lived origin, but I'm mostly using it in order to establish the status quo and the characters, but I'm hoping it gets better as we go on.

Lily Potter formerly Evan gave another cry of pain as she pushed and pushed, she was in labour about to give birth, sitting right next to her was her on the right side of her bed was husband James Potter and on the left side Madam Pomfery, who was acting as the nursemaid for this delivery, they were going to Hogwarts on Dumbledores orders, some information had come up and he had wanted to talk to them and the Longbottom's.

It must have been desperate because he sent his Patronus to them, he didn't do that unless it was completely necessary, so they had taken the Floo Network to the Headmasters office, James making sure his wife was well secure and steady in the transfer and that they were together to make sure she didn't hurt herself or the baby, when they arrived in the headmasters office they had found both the headmaster Albus Dumbledore with a grandfatherly smile and their friends the Longbottoms, Alice Longbottom just so happened to be Lily best friend from Hogwarts, she was cradling her son Neville Longbottom.

The moment that they had walked out of the fireplace, Lily felt something and soon enough she had started to go into labour and had been rushed to the sick bay, where we currently are. After a stress inducing hour of labour the clock struck pm and finally there son Charles James Potter was born, James held his son in his arms, wrapped in a red blanket the child gave out a few hush sobs before he began to calm down, James smiled as he cradled his infant son.

To Lily's joy this birth took much less time and was much easier on her and so there daughter Kristen Lilian Potter was born, just before the 1st of August at pm on July 31st, Kristen was the first girl to be born into the Potter line for at least five generations, so this was shocking.

James asked Madam Pomfrey if she could get those waiting in the hall to come in as he cradled his daughter in his arms, she was beautiful, he could already tell that his daughter was going to be a beauty and a heartbreaker.

Soon enough the people waiting outside the hall entered the medical wing, James was surprised when he saw his best friends, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew walked in, with Dumbledore and the Longbottoms, but he just shrugged it off, obviously Dumbledore had called them. They all began to crowd around to see the newborns, Poppy had already gone ahead and informed them that it was twins, they started with Lily who was holding there eldest, Charles Potter had his mothers flaming red hair, his eyes were a deep green colour, all in all Charles James Potter would be the spitting image of his father, but with the colours of his mother.

They then turned towards James, they expected a boy who looked close to if not identical to Charles, but they all were stunned when they saw it was a little girl with James ink black hair, sensing that all the attention was on her she slowly opened her eyes for the first time, revealing her bright red eyes, this unnerved some of them, but some wizards were born with odd eye colours this was most likely the case here with her bright red eyes.

Sirius laughed joyfully as he looked at the beautiful little girl, clapping a hand on his best friends shoulder he smiled down on the little girl ''Prongs I am telling you, this little ones gonna be a heartbreaker, I do not envy you mate, cause your gonna have to fight off all of the boys'' Sirius smiled.

With those words Sirius's face burst into the biggest most joyous smile possible, he turned to the man who was basically his brother and said ''I'd be honoured to James, yeah, yada, yada, can I hold her now!? Eventually Alice took her from them and she calmed down, Sirius looked depressed at that and Remus did too to an extent ''and that is why Remus is Charles godfather and Allie is there godmother'' smiled Lily.

Dumbledore who was overlooking the whole scene with a gentle grandfatherly smile, but then his face fell and he became serious, he coughed into his hand to get the occupants attention, he stepped forwards a serious look on his face ''I'm sorry if I've ruined the moment my dears, but… this isn't what I called you for, my apologies'' said Dumbledore.

The whole room was silent until Lily took a loud gulp and asked the question they all wanted to know the answer to ''w-what does that mean Albus? Dumbledore sighed ''unfortunately yes, there is, my brother Aberforth discovered there was an eavesdropper and threw him out of the pub before he could hear the full prophecy, but it does meant that it could have been a Death Eater and now Voldemort might know-''.

Peter somehow wasn't really effected it looked like he was gasping, but if you took one glimpse at it, it was just terrible acting, fortunately for him everyone was so caught up with Dumbledores words that they completely missed his bad acting attempt, Dumbledore continued ''now, I'd like to examine all of the children potential in magic, I think it might provide us with a clue, now I know its a little too soon to tell there full potential, but I think its worth a try, I will only do so however if you allow me to''.

Both parents accepted Dumbledores proposal, he decided to begin with Neville since he was the eldest by a day, Frank held his son out to he began to use Legilimency to lightly probe the child, he smiled back to the parents of the boy ''to the looks of things young Neville will be a very powerful wizard, at Franks level at least'' said Dumbledore causing the parents to beam. Charles was next, Lily held him out for Albus to analyse, once more Albus used Legilimency to probe the child lightly, he smiled as he looked to Lily ''he will grow to be very strong, Mage level at the very least'' he said causing Lily and James to beam in pride for there some.

Next was Kristen, as the youngest she was to go last, James held his daughter out for Albus to analyse, he was really hoping it wasn't her, he always had a soft spot for little girls, once more he used Legilimence to try and probe the infant girl but he found nothing, he frowned ''James hand her over please'' Albus said. Since the girl was in distress Dumbledore decided to finish this quickly and thus began to probe her again, doing his best to make sure no damage was done after all this was just a baby, he needed to take the utmost care, but still he saw nothing, he quickly handed Kristen back to James and she calmed down immediately, yep, she was a daddies girl, but that wasn't the thing Dumbledore looked so solemn over.

With the excitement over the Longbottoms excused themselves stating that they needed to get going and left, Peter also excused himself claiming his mother had fallen ill again and he needed to look after her and so he left, the Potters as well as Sirius and Remus decided to stay the night, the Potters because Lily was still tired from giving birth and had fallen asleep, Sirius and Remus just in case they needed anything. Sirius and Remus nodded, but James stopped to gaze at the cribs, for a minute he just smiled as he watched them both sleep, before he began to he then caressed his sons hair before stroking his daughters cheek, he smiled gentle before turning around and leaving, he left Lily a note explaining that he left her there because he didn't want to risk waking her when moving her and she looked very peaceful and left to go to guest rooms in Hogwarts.

A year went by and much had changed since July 31st-August 1st, lots had changed over the course of a year, this was all to go along with the plan, Dumbledore had decided to use the Fidelius Charm to hide the two families, they had agreed seeing the Fidelius Charm as the best option to protect them, but afterwards there was the matter of Secret Keepers. Alice had offered to be the Secret Keeper for the Potters and then Lily or James be the Secret Keeper for them, making an infinite loop that Voldemort couldn't penetrate, however Dumbledore had quickly rejected and denied this idea, pointing out if they did that the charms would cancel one another out and collapse therefore that would be impossible.

Eventually they decided that Franks mother, Augusta Longbottom, would be there secret keeper and the Potters originally planned to make Sirius Black there secret keeper, but Sirius came up with a plan at the last second to make Peter there secret keeper, a way to say 'made you look' they'd expect it to be Sirius but in reality it was Peter, with that decision the Fidelius had been set up and both families went into hiding.

Lily and James were trying there utmost best to spend every possible second they could with Charles and Kristen, James was still working at the ministry as an Auror and Lily was currently acting as a stay at home mother, she wanted to wait till her twins were 5 at the very least before she went back to work earning a degree in Potions.

The two Potters were very proud of there children but there was one thing that did concern James was that Kristen did not like any of the other Marauders, whenever one of them took a hold of her she would wail out and cry, the loudest she was, was when Sirius and Remus held her, it depressed Sirius, but he kept his head held high with hope that it would get better when she was older.

Dumbledore came to visit them regularly in order to check on the twins and check on there potential, the Potters were always delighted and disappointed when he came, they were delighted because of his visits in general and because he sensed that Charles would be a Mage level every time, it did concern them that it hadn't grown but there was still plenty of time. Charles had also done a little bit of accidental magic, like the time he had thrown a toy from his crib and it had come back to him it made his parents very proud of his accidental magic or they thought it was him at least.

fem harry potter kitsune inheritance fanfiction

The disappointment came from there daughter because every time Dumbledore examined her he never felt anything and that was a great source of disappointment for the Potters, they were worried that she wouldn't have enough magic to get into Hogwarts and would be rendered a Squib, but they were quite impressed by there daughter, more so by her intelligence than anything else.

Her intelligence was amazing for someone of her age, her first word came at the age of 5 months and it was 'Daddy' soon enough she could speak many words, she either couldn't or didn't want to speak in proper sentences though and she had learned to walk at around about the same time and she always seemed to be able to tell if someone was lying.

A good example of this is when Peter had showed up late for the twins first birthday and said he had to look after his mother a little, Kristen had responded by saying 'Lies!Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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